Sharing development opportunities, working together for win-win situation

Recently, on the occasion of the 16th China-ASEAN Expo and the China-ASEAN  Business and Investment Summit, the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee and the  Nanning Municipal People’s Government held the 2019 Nanning Investment and Trade  Fair and Key Projects Signing Ceremony to sincerely introduce Nanning’s  development opportunities and investment policies, promote cooperation in a  pragmatic manner and work hand in hand for common development. Wang Xiaodong,  Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guangxi Committee and Secretary of  the CPC Nanning Municipal Committee, Zhou Hongbo, Deputy Secretary of the CPC  Nanning Municipal Committee and Mayor of the Nanning Municipal People’s  Government, representatives of Shenyang University of Chemical Technology, AAC  Technologies, Heungkong Group, Xiaomi Group and other well-known enterprises  from the top 500 and leading industries in China have gathered together and  talked about their development. Everyone said that Nanning has superior  location, beautiful environment, and livable living environment, and it is  suitable to develop business. At present, it also has new opportunities and  policies, we are willing to cooperate sincerely and share a new future.

It is understood that 20 projects were signed on that day, covering key  manufacturing industries such as electronic information, advanced equipment  manufacturing and biomedicine, innovation and entrepreneurship, finance, modern  service industry, characteristic agriculture and other industries. The signing  features the new kinetic energy of innovation and entrepreneurship, the high  proportion of key industries, and the concentrated achievements of electronic  information manufacturing, which include the AAC high-speed data transmission  project and special binders for lithium battery project invested by AAC  Technologies. During the China-ASEAN Expo, Nanning signed 88 projects with a  total planned investment of 73.2 billion yuan.